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Client: Restaurant Chain Seeking Brand Refresh.

  • Challenge:
  • The restaurant chain aimed to revitalize its brand image, engage with a younger demographic, and improve online reputation.
  • Solution:
  • CODA Digital Media designed a comprehensive rebranding strategy, including graphic design, branding, and video production. They managed social media accounts, implemented SEO strategies, and provided online reputation management.
  • Results:
  • - A refreshed brand image and engaging graphic design attracted a younger audience and improved brand perception.
  • - Video production showcased the restaurant's unique offerings, driving increased customer interest.
  • - SEO efforts boosted the restaurant's online visibility, resulting in higher website traffic and improved search rankings.
  • - Online reputation management addressed negative feedback and enhanced the restaurant's overall image.
  • - The restaurant chain experienced increased foot traffic, higher customer engagement, and improved online reviews.
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