Our Business Intelligence (BI) data analytics tool for FMCG and Retail sector to transform POS and sellout data into actionable insights that optimize resources, drive growth and improve ROI.


  • + Category Analysis
  • + Market Share
  • + Segment deep dive
  • + Distribution tracker
  • + Pricing analysis
  • + Promotion analysis
  • + Outlet deep dive
  • + Top SKUs deep dive
  • + Trends
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Category Analysis:

Uncover a comprehensive understanding of product categories, revealing trends, patterns, and opportunities. This insight equips businesses to optimize their product offerings and strategies based on category performance.


Market Share:

Measure your brand’s market presence against competitors. Understanding market share is crucial for strategic decision-making, helping businesses identify areas for growth, potential partnerships, and competitive advantages.


Segment Deep Dive:

Explore specific market segments to unveil nuanced insights. This involves a detailed analysis of consumer behaviors, preferences, and demographics within distinct segments, enabling targeted marketing and product development strategies.


Distribution Tracker:

Monitor the distribution of products across various channels and regions. This insight helps optimize supply chain management, ensuring product availability where it matters most, and identifying areas for expansion.


Pricing Analysis:

Evaluate the impact of pricing strategies on sales and market positioning. Pricing analysis enables businesses to set competitive and profitable pricing, respond to market fluctuations, and understand consumer price sensitivity.


Promotion Analysis:

Assess the effectiveness of promotional activities on sales and brand visibility. This insight allows businesses to refine and tailor their promotional efforts, maximizing the impact of marketing campaigns and optimizing promotional spending.


Deep Dive:

Explore the performance of products across different types of outlets. This includes understanding the dynamics of sales in various retail channels, optimizing product placement, and tailoring strategies for specific outlet types.


Top SKUs Deep Dive:

Delve into the performance of top-selling SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). By understanding the factors contributing to the success of specific products, businesses can optimize their product mix, inventory management, and marketing efforts.



Identify and analyze emerging trends in the FMCG and Retail sector. This involves recognizing shifts in consumer preferences, market dynamics, and industry innovations. Anticipating and adapting to trends ensures businesses stay ahead of the competition and meet evolving consumer demands.