Our Field sales mobile app allows real-time tracking and analytics of your sales team. The app allows the field sales team to document their field visits and to optimize their routes.


  • + No of store visits
  • + Frequency of visits
  • + Retailers covered
  • + Daily visit trends
  • + Time spent per store
  • + Non-visited store list
  • + Route map
  • + Image capturing
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Number of Store Visits:

Instantaneously track and quantify the total number of store visits conducted by your sales team. This key metric provides a quick overview of the team’s overall market presence and activity.


Frequency of Visits:

Gain insights into the frequency of visits to individual stores, ensuring a balanced and consistent outreach. This feature aids in strategic planning by highlighting patterns in the team’s interaction with retail outlets.


Retailers Covered:

Keep a detailed record of the specific retailers attended during field visits. This insight empowers businesses to prioritize and nurture relationships with key retail partners, fostering stronger collaborations.


Daily Visit Trends:

Uncover patterns and trends in daily field visits, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics. This feature facilitates agile decision-making based on real-time data, ensuring a proactive approach to market challenges.


Time Spent per Store:

Evaluate the duration of each field visit to understand the depth of engagement. This insight aids in optimizing time management, ensuring that interactions are not only frequent but also meaningful and impactful.


Non-Visited Store List:

Generate a comprehensive list of stores that the sales team has not yet visited. This feature enables businesses to identify gaps in coverage and strategically plan future visits for comprehensive market outreach.


Route Map:

Visualize and optimize the routes taken by the sales team during their field visits. This feature minimizes travel time, reduces fuel costs, and enhances overall efficiency by providing a clear and strategic overview of the team’s movement.


Image Capturing:

Capture and document crucial visuals during field visits. This feature facilitates image capturing for product displays, store layouts, or other relevant visuals, providing a visual context to complement sales data and enhance decision-making.