CODA Delta

Bridge the gap between sales reps and clients with instant communication features, enabling real-time engagement, personalized interactions, and faster decision-making.


  • + Real-Time Sales Insights
  • + Location Intelligence
  • + Lead Management
  • + Product Catalog
  • + Order Management
  • + Offline Access
  • + Digital Signature
  • + Contact Management
  • + Sales Performance Analytics
  • + Task and Appointment Scheduler
  • + Vendor Hub
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Real-Time Sales Insights:

Facilitate instant communication between sales reps and clients by providing real-time sales insights. This feature empowers sales teams to make data-driven decisions on the fly, enhancing responsiveness and agility.


Location Intelligence:

Utilize location intelligence to enhance client interactions. This insight allows sales reps to tailor their approach based on geographic data, ensuring personalized engagement and a more targeted sales strategy.


Lead Management:

Efficiently track and manage leads through the application. This feature streamlines the sales process, ensuring that leads are nurtured effectively and that opportunities for conversion are maximized.


Product Catalog:

Empower sales reps with a comprehensive product catalog. This tool enables them to showcase products to clients in real time, providing a dynamic and interactive presentation that enhances the overall sales experience.


Order Management:

Streamline the order process with integrated order management capabilities. This feature ensures that transactions are smooth, accurate, and can be processed swiftly, contributing to a seamless client experience.


Offline Access:

Enable sales reps to work seamlessly even without an internet connection. This offline access feature ensures that critical information is available at all times, enhancing productivity regardless of connectivity challenges.


Digital Signature:

Facilitate faster decision-making and close deals swiftly with digital signature capabilities. This feature allows clients to sign contracts or agreements electronically, reducing paperwork and accelerating the sales cycle.


Contact Management:

Efficiently organize and manage client contacts within the platform. This feature ensures that sales reps have quick access to relevant client information, fostering personalized and informed interactions.


Sales Performance Analytics:

Harness the power of analytics to track and evaluate sales performance. This insight enables data-driven assessments of individual and team performance, leading to informed strategies for continuous improvement.


Task and Appointment Scheduler:

Optimize time management with a task and appointment scheduler. This feature allows sales reps to plan and organize their schedules effectively, ensuring timely follow-ups and meetings with clients.


Vendor Hub:

Create a centralized hub for vendor management. This feature enables streamlined communication and collaboration with vendors, enhancing supply chain efficiency and ensuring a cohesive sales ecosystem.