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  • Product / Service CODA IQ
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Client: Snack Manufacturer with a wide range of snack products.

  • Challenge:
  • The client wanted to optimize their SKU portfolio and product mix to maximize revenue and streamline production.
  • Solution:
  • The snack manufacturer used CODA IQ to analyze EPOS data and competitor sell-out data across different store locations. They evaluated sales performance, seasonality, and customer preferences for each SKU.
  • Results:
  • - Identified underperforming SKUs and phased them out, freeing up resources for more profitable products.
  • - Analyzed customer buying behavior and preferences to create tailored product bundles and promotions.
  • - Introduced new flavors and variants based on competitor sell-out data and market trends.
  • - The optimized product mix led to increased sales revenue and reduced operational costs.
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Portfolio Image