• Product / Service CODA DELTA
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Client: Pharmaceutical Company with Nationwide Sales Team.

  • Challenge:
  • The pharmaceutical company's sales reps needed a more efficient way to engage with healthcare professionals and provide real-time information about their products.
  • Solution:
  • The company implemented CODA Delta to empower their sales reps with real-time communication features. The app's instant messaging and location intelligence capabilities allowed sales reps to engage with doctors and pharmacists, share product information, and provide updates on availability.
  • Results:
  • - Real-time sales insights enabled sales reps to provide accurate and up-to-date information about products and promotions.
  • - Location intelligence helped sales reps plan their routes efficiently and prioritize visits to high-potential clients.
  • - Lead management features allowed sales reps to track interactions and follow up on potential opportunities.
  • - The pharmaceutical company achieved increased sales efficiency, improved client relationships, and enhanced sales team performance.
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